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Permanent art exhibition 

Sicilia Outlet Village is hosting Farm Cultural Park’s “Consulate of Happiness” with their “Spreading Happiness” initiative: a special outdoor art gallery, a street art project, a constantly evolving exhibition unhindered by walls or ceilings, with installations, live performances and the works of six internationally acclaimed artists.  Starting in August, the artists Motorefisico, Domenico Pellegrino, Alessandra Bruni, Paolo Raeli, Alberonero, La Fille Bertha will be expressing their interpretation of HAPPINESS, with murals, installations, illustrations and photographs positioned in focal points throughout the Village.

«When I think of Sicily, I think of the sun and when I think of the sun, I think of that powerful emotion that we call happiness.» (Andrea Bartoli, project curator and founder of Farm Cultural Park).

Come to the Village to discover and revel in the art installations located along the Village boulevards.



Luca Boffi, known professionally as Alberonero, is a designer, painter, sculptor and sometimes a farmer; in fact, he draws his greatest inspiration from the countryside. Ever since he was a young boy, he has expressed his creativity through poetry writing and graffiti art, playing with letters, shapes and colors. His focus is now on bright colors, to which he is fully devoted.

He uses colors to draw large, simple squares, seamlessly aligned yet creating fantastic chromatic effects. At the Village, he will be creating one of the works from his “Wall painting” project, which can also be seen on the facade of Farm Cultural Park.

You’ll find his artwork at the Lacoste arch.


Paolo Raeli 

This young, internationally renowned Sicilian artist doesn’t want his memories to get lost over time, so he loves photographing them, taking photos mainly of his friends and loved ones.

He has collaborated with major players, including Instagram, Microsoft, Daniel Wellington, Yves Saint Laurent, Reebok, Mondadori, Rizzoli, etc. mostra fotografica che racconta lo slang della generazione Z o Plurals.

He will be bringing his “Fotografie/Photographs” exhibit to the Village, with photos that speak of the emotions and dreams of the Gen Z or Plurals.

You’ll find his exhibit at the fountain/watch.

Alessandra Bruni 

This illustrator, artist and tattooist from Tuscany has loved drawing since childhood and, growing up, she hasn’t lost any of the lightheartedness and liberty with which she has always expressed her emotions through creativity.

Her illustrations are colorful yet minimalist. An ode to emotions, to current social issues and to human relations.

Her works can be seen at the Selfie Point.

Domenico Pellegrino 

This Sicilian artist is famous for having brought his artistic interpretation to the launch of Disney’s latest Star Wars film in Milan, as well as for creating the 2021 Christmas window display project for the French fashion house Hèrmes, exhibiting at the 58th Venice Art Biennale, etc. and he can boast major collaborations with foundations, museums and national art galleries.

His style is unique and exceptional, where Greek myths and legends, modern superheroes featuring traditional Sicilian motifs and the iconic and innovative use of colorful festival lights play a key role.

His works will welcome you at the Village entrance.


MOTOREFISICO is the partnership between Rome-based architects and designers Lorenzo Pagliara and Gianmaria Zonfrillo. Their experience spans the fields of interior design, 3D installations, event set-ups and video art. Since 2015, the creative duo has been designing wall and floor surfaces for private homes, schools, offices, hotels and clubs and they have brought one of their optical installations from the Motorefisico collective to Sicilia Outlet Village, a truly immersive art experience that is sure to wow visitors.

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