The brand

We need to travel all the way to Japan to discover the roots of the name Yamamay. Here, enclosed in its ethereal beauty, shines a cocoon characterised by silver and crystalline reflections. Until its timid sparkle turns into magnificent wings and its green body is ready to take flight and enchant the world with its centuries-old beauty. Its name is Bombix Yamamay.

Today – as, we have been doing for more than 20 years now – we plan, design and develop collections of underwear, corsetry, lingerie, swimwear, clothing and accessories, becoming a leader in the market and always focusing on the well-being of our customers through the creation of durable and quality products.

We want our clothes to make those who wear them happy. We are committed to making this possible and measurable by respecting people and objectives.

We believe that the responsibility we put into every action and every innovation is decisive for sustainable growth in the medium term, today and always.

The passion and love for what we do have allowed us to become a brand appreciated and loved by consumers all over the world.

phone: +39 0935 1820967

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From Monday to Sunday 10am-8pm

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