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The brand

Puma is not just a sportswear brand, it is more a lifestyle, a way of dressing that reflects a way of being. Those who wear Puma choose to be a champion, always. It is no coincidence that the brand was also chosen by the Azzurri of the national football team. Puma is not an Italian brand. Instead, it is one of the most prestigious brands of shoes and sportswear in the world, born in Germany. The basic technology proposed for footwear and clothing is innovative, both in terms of production and in terms of design. Puma’s project is very ambitious and so far it has been followed until the fame enjoyed by the brand is achieved. Puma shoes and clothing today are very recognizable. The shoes, in addition to being comfortable, have an innovative design. The classic example is that of men’s sneakers that could easily be identified on a shelf full of other sports shoes. Puma, then, becomes the ideal brand for those who love sports and for those who love fashion. Each of the proposed models is unique, sporty and casual. To achieve this so original effect, Puma uses the collaboration and creativity of a large number of designers who design casual collections of excellent quality. Here then is that Puma prevails in the sports shoe sector but also has a vast repertoire of leisure shoes, retro look shoes and even shoes for motorcyclists. In short, a brand that acts as an avant-garde in the casual look, combining production tradition with the search for always innovative materials.

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