The proud and romantic image of the gaucho inspires the collection Genny for Spring / Summer 2020. In particular, hers traditional clothing influences the lines and constructions that combine an adventurous allure with feminine elegance and sophisticated typical of the brand. Curvilinear shapes and rounded volumes steal the show, fabrics and colors enhance the naturalistic spirit of the collection. The shades of the earth, from warm white tones up to touches of sage green and intense biscuit shades combine with texture of natural fabrics


The brand

The Genny brand was born in 1962 thanks to Arnaldo and Donatella Girombelli. The collection acquires more and more fame and success among the female audience.
A date that marks a historic moment in the life of the brand is 1973, the year in which Genny’s designer becomes a young Gianni Versace, destined to enter the Olympus of Italian fashion. Numerous artistic talents will alternate in the following decades: Claude Montana, Keith Varty, Alan Cleaver, Dolce and Gabbana, Christian Lacroix, Rebecca Moses, John Bartlett, Richard Tyler and Josephus Thimister. The owner company becomes a holding company, further accentuating its international character. With the death of her husband, Donatella Girombelli takes over the management of the brand, also following its evolution in style.

From the 1960s to today, the taste for fashion has changed continuously, but Genny has managed to interpret it while maintaining its cornerstones: extreme femininity, sartorial precision and high product quality.

Since 2011 the Genny brand belongs to the Veronese Swinger International group. The specialized press, fashion bloggers and customers have welcomed Genny’s new course with renewed enthusiasm: the brand represents the pride of Made in Italy, which has conquered the world thanks to an aesthetic and quality that is now back stronger than ever. Genny fashion of the third millennium brings back the refined and sophisticated femininity of the Eighties and Nineties, accompanied by the charm of a discreet and never eccentric luxury.

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