The brand

The many moods of DATCH: a clothing brand for the man who’s free-spirited, spontaneous and determined. A mix of different personalities that appeal to the senses.
Aesthetics and style are the fundamental values behind every Datch collection, clothing lines designed to celebrate a man who’s audacious and dynamic, with a singular style that’s evident in all his daytime looks and special occasion outfits.
The man who wears DATCH has an incomparable sense of style that’s never dull or conventional, a fashion sense that expresses his personal flare through a good dose of self-awareness.

Wearing Datch means wearing clothing that’s exceptionally captivating and unconventional, clothing that can be easily mixed and matched for an infinite number of style combinations. Datch is bold denim wear.

Datch is extremely versatile sportswear. Datch is on-trend streetwear. But Datch is also an overlapping of these styles, in a jigsaw puzzle that you assemble according to your needs and personal taste.

 The mood is cosmopolitan, the identity is urban and the inspirations are international: the culture of excellence is beautifully displayed in every detail of the Datch collections, fashion that leaves its mark.
Behind every garment, every accessory, every Datch clothing line is the know-how of an Italian company, the DST Group that, after showing stellar growth and earning a consolidated presence in the domestic fashion market, is ready to face new and exciting challenges in Europe and beyond.

Datch: ready to dress the world, yours.


Monday – Friday 10am – 8pm
Saturday – Sunday 10am – 9pm

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