Cuscino Lausanne 50x50



Mantova Coppia Spugna - telo spugna - Lavetta


€30 – €42 - €4,80

Sheet set King Mastery Embroidery 270x320



Coperta Kent 2 130x180



история бренда

The brand

Since 1860, Frette has been leading brand for the production of luxury household linen and nightwear, which blends contemporary design with Italian tradition, offering refined lines with high-quality linen, fine fabrics and impeccable workmanship that transform everyday spaces and luxury hotels into sumptuous surroundings. The company boasts a long history of producing the finest fabrics for the aristocratic families throughout Europe, including the Vatican.
Frette is characterised by the highest quality, the result of 150 years of expertise through exceptional creations.


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