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“The cocky woman is not the one who then actually strikes.”

Amina Rubinacci’s signature style knows no bounds. It’s clear, straightforward. Each item and each strand express the purity of a timeless elegance: it is subtle, thus forceful; implicit and, as a result, fascinating; actual as it is functional, stripped of any formal divide between convenience and time. And so it goes in Naples, the cradle of Italy’s great sartorial tradition: the alleys with their hustle and bustle on the one side, the unflappable power of the sea and the sky on the other. The opposing principles of human comedy and magnificence, din and quiet, impulse and perfection. Amina Rubinacci spins with cheer the spirit discernible across the sea and the sky, designing collections that epitomize simplicity which can only be deployed by someone who is a master of the matter. And in this case, the matter is elegance.

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