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Caronte & Tourist
Caronte & Tourist S.p.A is the maritime transportation company that has managed ferry service across the Strait of Messina for almost half a century. C&T is the product of a merger between two prestigious passenger transport firms, Caronte and Tourist Ferry Boat, providing service across the Strait of Messina since 1965. In order to meet growing demand and in light of a study regarding expected increases in traffic on the already saturated north-south motorway, Caronte & Tourist launched the pioneering project “Autostrade del Mare” in October 2001, inaugurating service between the ports of Messina and Salerno.

The Messina – Salerno line currently offers two departures every day from each port featuring the latest generation Cartour sister ships:DeltaEpsilon and Gamma.

The fleet has been assembled over the years in the name of safety and comfort, and includes ships for both passenger and freight transport capable of travelling at speeds of up to 26 knots, equipped with comfortable cabins with en-suite baths, salons with numbered recliner seats, a café, restaurant, salons with satellite TV, satellite coverage for mobile phones, internet connection, children’s play areas, and services for the differently abled.

For information and reservations, call our toll-free number 800-627414 or visit the websitewww.carontetourist.it.

Caronte & Tourist Spa
V.le della Libertà, 34  – 98121 Messina
tel. 800.62.74.14 – fax 090.53.416