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Heli Fly
Discover Malta, Gozo and Comino islands from a new point of view! With Heli Fly you can enjoy touristic tours and exclusive transfer services that will make you overfly 3 Mediterranean jewels: you’ll see Malta and its beautiful nature, you’ll overfly Gozo, Calypso’s island according to the legend, and then you’ll see Comino island where there is the famous Blue Lagoon, a natural bay with turquoise waters and spectacular seabed.

Thanks to the partnership with Eurotech-Ariane group, Heli Fly is also proud to provide the first flight school in Malta. Our trainings are completely tailor-made and include theoretical and a practical part. At the end of the class you’ll get private helicopter license in accordance with EASA regulation, but that’s not all: if you want to continue in a professional activity, you can complete your training course with CPL (H) or add a new type rating of ones approved by ATO.


Heli Fly operates in Malta in partnership with Eurotech-Ariane group, founded in 1995 as a helicopter service company certified JAR 145 (today known as PART 145); with this partnership, Heli Fly founded the first helicopter training school in Malta.

This innovative service has been conceived by Italian lawyer Elio Blasio, trained military helicopter pilot CEO of Heli Fly. He occupied the position of Captain within the Department of Flight of the Guardia di Finanza in Rome which has its headquarters at the military airport of Pratica di Mare. Mr Blasio has experience flying single-engine fixed wing aircrafts and gliders, in flight. Always passionate about flying, he has logged over 1,000 hours of flight on board the Agusta Bell 47 G 2, Breda Nardi NH 500, Robinson 22 and 44, and Eurocopter AS 350. Elio Blasio is also a qualified lawyer, specialist in company law and international tax; he operates in Malta and Geneva.