The event

Imagine a place where running enthusiasts could gather to celebrate their love for the world’s most beloved running shoe – the Pegasus. A place where Pegasus loyalists and loyalists-to-be could find a home, connect with each other, and share their experiences with this iconic shoe. A place where people could come to learn more about what makes the Pegasus so special, and why it has been the go-to running shoe for so many athletes around the world.

  • WHAT: A creative wrapper devoted to telling the story of Pegasus, runners, and their connections.
  • WHY: Celebrate the magic of Peg in the place where these connectionsbegin – a magical store where different generations come together to share their love and obsession about what makes this shoe special.
  • HOW: Deepen the connection that runners can have with their Pegs through innovation, motivation, and guidance.

Come and discover the Pegasus shoe in the Nike store in Sicilia Outlet Village.

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